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When a student has lost money to a sham writing service that promised to produce quality work and instead produced unoriginal work developed by unskilled writers, he or she losses faith in finding a good writing service that understands his needs. This is the state that many students are in because they have lost faith in the online writing industry. is here to rebuild that lost reputation. We really know how much harm scammers have caused students and we feel that students need not to be subjected to such treatment because of the risk that this kind of treatment puts their academic ambitions. What we know is fake writing services ride on desperation of students to find help and their innocence in searching for writing services. We are aware that students have very little time at their disposal because they are always balancing school and part time work. This is the reason why we decided put our time in preparing and disseminating information that we feel students can use to identify credible writing services with ease.

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Accepting Reviews

The way we want to change the situation in the writing industry is by requesting and accepting customer reviews from those who have used writing services before. Once those reviews are sent our way, we process them and pick what matters most to students and identify the writing companies that they value and use frequently. From the customer reviews, we expect students to tell us in an open way whether the writing companies that worked for them observed any rights like right to progress reports, accurate information and work reviews, the cost the services they received – was it fair and consistent? We also seek for information about clarity of writing company policies and how well those are observed as well as availability of work samples. Students also need to tell us something about the qualifications and competence of the staff that handled their assignments and whether they were able to talk to them directly. We combine this information with the details that we gather from the writing companies through our background research.

We then analyze all this information and rate each writing service under review so that we can determine its performance. To rate the writing services, we use a pre-designed rating scale that considers elements such as pricing of services, customer service, timely delivery of assignments, quality of end products and how usable the final products are without revisions. Once we determine the performance of the writing services, rank each company according to its score in numerical order. This ranking process generates a list that shows which companies are most preferred and trusted by students. With the ranking list, the process of finding a good writing service becomes straightforward and extremely simple. All these reports are published on this site to facilitate easy access by anyone who needs to use or refer to them.

Top ranked writing services get the opportunity to have their videos featured here on this site. The video clips and links to their websites are placed below.